Why MedWell Aesthetics? A Manhattan Beach Med Spa Focused On You!

Why MedWell Aesthetics? A Manhattan Beach Med Spa Focused On You!


November 16, 2022


What we do? Rejuvenate and balance your inherent natural beauty!

Our approach is unique from your typical Med Spa. We are a private boutique-style medical wellness & aesthetics practice focused primarily on YOU! We take a global approach to aesthetics and create a customized treatment plan tailored for you. Our core philosophy is ‘less is more’ and thrive for balance over volume. In an age where med spas are overfilling clients, changing client faces to resemble celebrities, rushing through procedures, and not thoroughly discussing the science behind aesthetics, we differ. 

We’re all about delivering natural results while also providing you with all the knowledge and tools needed to age gracefully. Let’s celebrate our individuality! 

We specialize in Skin Care, Chemical Peels, Microneedling with PRP/PRFM, Botox and Dermal Fillers. 

Read on to learn why MedWell Aesthetics would be the perfect fit for you!

Highly Skilled and Passionate Team

Our Practitioner takes time with each and every one of her clients to ensure the best possible results. We continue to get trained by aesthetic leaders in the world and keep up with the latest injection techniques, safety guidelines, and protocols. We are very passionate about the work we do while helping clients achieve NATURAL results!


Focus on Natural + Balanced Outcomes

We achieve this by doing a comprehensive 30-45 minute initial consultation addressing the entire face as one unit. A thorough long-term treatment plan will be discussed which may include Botox, Dermal Fillers, Microneedling, PRF injections, Chemical Peels, and Skin Care. 

Unlike other Med Spas, we work on shadows, highlights, and symmetry of the face to ensure a rejuvenated and refreshed look, rather than looking different. We do not do “one size fits all” techniques in our practice. No two clients of ours will ever look the same. 

We assure you we will ONLY do treatments that will help BALANCE your features while maintaining your inherent natural beauty. 

Message from our injector, Sazia: 

“When I look at the face, I visualize it as one unit. Each feature complementing the next and creating a seamless transition. It would be a disservice to my clients to treat one area alone while not harmonizing and balancing the surrounding anatomical structures. It’s science and art behind each injection site that creates true facial rejuvenation!”

What Others Are Saying

“Sazia has been helping me with my skin and I cannot thank her enough. She perfected my skincare routine and I am currently getting a series of chemical peels. Her office is exceptionally clean, very well decorated, and has great atmosphere. Sazia herself is a total gem! I can’t get enough of her sweet and caring personality. She makes you feel so at ease with her great attitude and knowledge. I drive from Orange County to see her and she’s definitley worth it. I recommend her to anyone” – EG

“I am very happy with the service my mother and I received. In the beginning my mother was nervous but Sazia is so down to earth to where we left like we were in great hands. Any questions you have, she will answer them and make you feel comfortable in her office. 10/10 would recommend to all my family members. Also, I’ll be coming back to her!” – DH

How to Book

We take appointments only to ensure enough time is spent with each client. Appointments can be made by messaging us at 3108063069, emailing us at info@medwellaesthetics.com, or booking directly from the link on our website at www.medwellaesthetics.com! 

We are located in the Manhattan Towers in Manhattan Beach, CA. Right across from the Manhattan Village and The Point. 

We are extremely excited to assist you on your wellness & aesthetic journey and hope to meet you soon!

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