Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling!

What is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is a minimally invasive modular RF fractional solution for subdermal adipose remodeling. It combines radio-frequency with the microneedling technique making it the most advanced form of microneedling. On its own, microneedling provokes a healing response in which collagen production increases. With Morpheus8, collagen increase is only part of the benefits. By inserting radio-frequency energy directly to tissue a few millimeters deep, this device prompts tissue remodeling that includes thickening and tightening. It is an excellent device to help minimize signs of aging as well as prevent it! It is also great for fat reduction done under specific settings for under the chin, jowls, above the knees, stomach, and thighs! 

What Does Morpheus8 Treat?

Morpheus8 can treat any area of the body that would benefit from surface contouring.  The most commonly treated areas include the face, neck, stomach, and arms. Nonetheless, any area that exhibits wrinkles, skin laxity, discoloration, stretch marks, or acne scarring are suitable for treatment. 

The most commonly treated
concerns include:

Why Get Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is an excellent option for those interested in rejuvenating and revitalizing areas of their face and body affected by age or other factors. It has the advantage of “color-blind technology”, which makes it useful for all skin types. Its unique properties reduce the risk of post-inflammatory scarring or hyperpigmentation that is commonly seen with other skin treatment on those with darker skin tones. These non-surgical treatments have become a must in modern anti-aging medicine.

Other key benefits:  

  • Stimulates collagen production 
  • Skin tightening  
  • Reduction of jowling and fat 
  • Extremely uniform effect  
  • Safe on all skin tones  
  • Deep and safe fractional treatment  
  • Little to no thermal damage to dermis  
  • Little risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation which is common with other resurfacing methods. 

Morpheus8 Treatment Details

Morpheus8 Treatment Details

Morpheus8 is performed in the comfort of our beautiful and intimate clinic. It is done under a strong and potent topical anesthesia, which minimizes any discomfort as the micro-pins work on the targeted areas to remodel the deep layers of the skin. During the treatment, different energies may be used, depending on your areas of concern. Individual results may vary and contraindications may apply. Depending on your skin concerns and goals, a minimum of 3 sessions are required for best results. Downtime may include some swelling and redness for about 1-7 days post treatment.

After the Morpheus8 treatment, patients must avoid direct sun exposure for 7 days and wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily.

Before and After Pictures of (Morpheus8 Patients)